The Texas Master Gardener program is an educational activity offered by the Texas AgriLIFE Extension of Texas A&M University System. It is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and extend horticultural projects throughout the community. It provides invaluable training and educational opportunities.

The objectives of the Texas Master Gardener program are to expand the capacity of Texas AgriLIFE Extension and to distribute horticultural information to individuals and groups in the community. It also strives to develop and enhance community programs related to horticulture. Depending on the community needs, these may be environmental improvement activities, horticultural therapy projects or community and school garden programs.
Mission Statement

Assist the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in providing quality horticulture education and service to the people of Hopkins County through a program of teaching, demonstration and outreach activities and projects.

Protect the natural resources of the County and State by teaching effective and sustainable horticultural practices that encourage the establishment of healthy gardens, landscapes and communities.